Where to Sip and Cheer this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl and wine tasting don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but we were recently asked, “Where can I go wine-tasting and catch the Big Game?” a So, we huddled and created a game plan of some wineries that have a Big Screen and will most likely show the game. Enjoy this inside look into ‘s playbook of winery destinations where you can sip some fantastic wine and cheer on your favorite team this Super Bowl Sunday. a We’d be happy to tailor…

Whale-Watching Along the Northern California Coast

The annual gray whale migration is one of the world’s most magnificent and accessible wildlife spectacles. Each year approximately 15,000 gray whales swim south from Arctic feeding grounds to their Baja California breeding and calving grounds, making for some of the world’s best whale watching opportunities right off the California coast. From December through May, gray whales can be observed from California’s shore, and whale watchers are bound to view other wildlife including blue whales, killer whales, sperm whales, humpback whales, dolphins,…

Ghost Wineries of Napa: Old Souls Made New Again

Built between 1860 and 1900, Ghost Wineries were part of the initial wine boom in Napa Valley. There were hundreds of wineries in the region at the time but prohibition forced all but a few to either change crops to stay profitable or close down for good. These wineries, especially those that were abandoned, have taken on many different appearances today. Some have succumbed to the wear and tear of the years and elements, while others have been converted into…

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